"Tomorrow" BIG OCEAN ENM will release a lineup of dramas and movies in 2022
"Tomorrow" BIG OCEAN ENM will release a lineup of dramas and movies in 2022
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] Production company BIG OCEAN ENM announced a lineup of dramas, movies, music, performances and exhibitions in 2022.

The drama "Tomorrow" (written by Park Ran, Park Ja-kyung, Kim Yoo-jin, directed by Kim Tae-yoon, and Sung Chi-wook), which is scheduled to be released simultaneously on MBC and Netflix in March this year, drew attention even before the production was announced. This work, which advocates a fantasy-made drama in the afterlife, is a story about a long-term job seeker who met the afterlife in an accident helping those who are expected to commit suicide by working as the youngest contractor. In particular, Big Ocean is already drawing keen attention from the industry in that it is the second co-produced work by Super Moon Pictures and Studio N, a subsidiary of NM, after "We Are That Year."

Inspired by the bank's embezzlement of public funds in Japan, the drama "Paper Moon" (written by Noh Yoon-soo, directed by Kim Seung-woo) will also be produced as the original of KT this year. It is a thriller genre that tells the story of a bank contract employee accidentally touching a customer's money and his ordinary daily life irreversibly goes against him, and the original novel was also produced as a movie and NHK drama in Japan, gaining huge popularity.

The drama "M: Reboot" (written by Hong Eun-mi, Lee Jung-eun, directed by Lim Dae-woong), which will be produced in the second half of the year with the aim of global OTT, is a SF horror thriller that modernizes the drama "M," which recorded MBC's highest ratings of 52.2% in 1994. In particular, Big Ocean M owns the original IP and has been introduced not only as a drama but also as a five-member musical "M" since February 3. The musical is receiving favorable reviews from the audience by adding a storyline differentiated from the original, character interpretation, seven-member live orchestra performance, music, lighting, and video that maximize the fun of the play.

In addition, the mystery romantic comedy drama "Lies Without Use" (screenplay Seo Jung-eun) is being prepared to air in the second half of this year. It tells the story of a woman who does not believe in people because of her ability to hear lies and a murder suspect who does not believe in innocence. Casting is currently underway.

The film business sector also presents a stable lineup with competent directors based on exotic scenarios. In the first half of the year, a total of two films are being prepared: "The Monkfish" of the fantasy horror genre and "Chasa" of the action historical drama.

The movie "The Monkfish" (written by Jung Won-woo) tells the story of a monster who bait humans' hidden greed like a monkfish living in the deep sea. The movie "Chasa" (screenplay by Jung Won-woo, director Jung Won-woo) tells the hidden story of a man who became a Chasa and left for Hamheung even though he knew that he would not be able to return, and is a masterpiece invested by film investment and distributor New (NEW). Both works are currently being cast and are planning to crank in this year.

In addition, BIG OCEAN ENM., who has experience in producing popular drama OSTs such as "Penthouse," "Fly Gaecheonyong," and "Queen Cheolin," plans to showcase the OST of the drama "Tomorrow," which will be released in March. In particular, it is expected that the drama and OST will be held together to create meaningful synergy between the two sectors. Several masterpiece projects are also being prepared, including producer Ryanjeon's album project MAXIS, rapper Crown J's comeback album, 2022 new Top Ballad Project (working title), singer Song Ha-ye and composer Crazy Gi-bae's new version of "I Miss You So Much," and acoustic collaboration X red socks.

Big Ocean I.N.M plans to find new actors with both star quality, centering on mid-sized actors with solid acting skills, and expand new pet content businesses such as "DOGTV," the world's first dog broadcasting channel, and "Heimari," a pet magazine.

"We plan to release more than two dramas, two movies, a number of performances, sound sources, and albums this year alone, and we are actively sharing experts and resources in various fields such as dramas, movies, and music," a Big Ocean NM official said, "We are building a stable content production environment this year."


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