Former TRCNG members sued TS Entertainment for mistreatment of minors
Former TRCNG members sued TS Entertainment for mistreatment of minors
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Yulia Cho] Jo Wooyeop and Yang Taeseon, former members of TRCNG filed criminal complaints against three individuals under TS Entertainment for mistreatment of minors, violence and forced labor. 

Wooyeop and Taeseon said that Park Sang Hyun, the executive officier of the agency assaulted the members using a game as an excuse and cursed at them continuously. The agency did not take any action when the members where injured while B-boying, so the members went to the emergency room by themselves to receive treatment. Choreography director Yoon is charged with having assaulted Wooyeop with a steel chair on June 10, 2019. After Wooyeop was discharged from the hospital, Park Sang Hyun and other managers said that he is lying and that he got sick from drinking and meeting up with girls. 
The agency denied the allegation, saying that "it's their opinion and not all the members agree with them." The agency also announced that they are planning on taking legal actions against the two members should their actions cause harm to TRCNG as a group.

The agency is currently in legal disputes with several stars and is also undergoing criminal proceedings for failing to pay employees, follow the Labor Standards Act, and pay national taxes.

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