NCT DREAM let go of graduation system
NCT DREAM let go of graduation system
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Yulia Cho] NCT DREAM announced change in their team structure. NCT DREAM, a boy group under SM Entertainment was known for their unique graduation system where the bandmates graduate from the team after their 20th birthday. Mark, who was also a member of NCT DREAM graduated from the team last year. 
With a new system, all seven members including Mark, the original member of the group, will continue stay in the team without graduation as NCT U. There will be sub-units and project groups under NCT. 
NCT DREAM will change to NCT U after the promotional activity of the new EP 'Reload' ends. Until then, Renjun, Jeno, Chenle, Jaemin and Jisung will continue their activity as NCT DREAM.
The new EP 'Reload' featuring five tracks will be released on the 29th. It's the album the group is releasing in nine months, after the third EP 'We Boom'.

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