Song Gain and Cho Boa were accused of supporting particular candidates
Song Gain and Cho Boa were accused of supporting particular candidates
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Jisoo Lee] Singstress Song Gain and actress Cho Boa were accused of supporting particular candidate or party before election. 
Lee Byunhoon of Minju-dang(Democratic Party) recently posted a photo of him and Song Gain in his blog.  Netizens suggested that based on the color of Song Gain's clothes she wore when filming a video that promotes voting posted on Election Committee's official YouTube on the 7th, she might secretly support Minju-dang. In Korea, blue symbolizes Minju-dang while bright pink symbolizes Mirae Tonghap-dang(the opposite party of Minju-dang). The color of the clothes she wore in the video was baby blue.
Song Gain's fanclub reacted quickly to the matter and posted a statement regarding the singer's political neutrality on the fan cafe.
Cho Boa had a similar incident when she posted a photo on Instagram after casting a ballot. In the photo was her hand with a stamp mark; this time, it was the royal azalea in the background that mattered. The bright pink color of the flower fueled an argument about Cho Boa's political preference. Cho Boa deleted her post when the argument emerged, and a friend of hers indirectly rebutted the allegation, saying that the actress didn't have any hidden intention when taking and posting the photo.
Although the official general election day is slated for tomorrow, the voter turnout in early voting hits higher than ever, surpassing 26%(26.7%) despite of COVID-19. The voters have to keep one meter distance, sanitize their hands and wear mask before they get into the polling station.

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