Jun Hyosung will form a project group with Yebin
Jun Hyosung will form a project group with Yebin
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] Jun Hyosung, a former member of girl group SECRET will form a project group with Yubin, who was a member of Wonder Girls. Although the whole plan is still at an initial stage, for K-POP fans who remember 'O-Sonyeo' the news has deeper meanings.
O-Sonyeo is a group formed through an MTV reality show 'The Diary of O-Sonyeo' back in 2005. Other members of the group included Yui(After School), Yang Jiwon(SPIKA) anbd G.NA. The group never debuted and disbanded in 2007. As both the members are renowned with their performance and vocal, the mash-up seems well planned.
Jun Hyosung established one-man agency 'JHS Entertainment' and is currently building a solo career as a singstress as well as an actress. Yubin established Le Entertainment after her exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment ended. 

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