SEVENTEEN‘s new album ‘Face The Sun’ will be released next month
SEVENTEEN‘s new album ‘Face The Sun’ will be released next month
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] K-pop boy group Seventeen will release its fourth full-length album titled "Face the Sun" on May 27, the group's agency, Pledis Entertainment.



After releasing their first all-English single last week, the K-pop group announced on Thursday that their fourth album, Face the Sun, is coming May 27.

The group teased the fourth album by releasing a poster with several images showing a more serious aesthetic: a cement set of stairs, a desert horizon, a map, and some building structures.

“So far we’ve always been really sincere and honest with our music, but I think especially with this upcoming album, we’re very frank and showing our honest heart,” S.Coups told Rolling Stone about the LP last week. Hoshi added that it’s going to be “hot and passionate.”

The band unveiled a teaser poster featuring various objects that hint at the concept of the highly anticipated album, such as stairs, ropes, the sun and an old map on Twitter.

A week ago, Seventeen pre-released its first English-language song, "Darl+ling." The track from the upcoming album topped iTunes charts in 34 regions around the world, including Singapore, the Philippines, Egypt and Indonesia, upon its release.

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