CJ ENM launches 'tvN SPORTS', a sports channel in May
CJ ENM launches 'tvN SPORTS', a sports channel in May
  • Ellen Seo 기자
  • 승인 2022.04.18 12:30
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Ellen Seo ] CJ ENM will launch 'tvN SPORTS', a sports channel, in May and enter the sports broadcasting market in earnest.

CJ ENM said, "As part of the expansion of content investment, we have completed preparations for securing domestic and foreign sports broadcasting rights and establishing a differentiated broadcasting system. CJ ENM previously announced at the 'Vision Stream' event held in May last year that it would invest 5 trillion won in content by 2025.


CJ ENM's sports broadcasting history is not short. Starting with broadcasting professional baseball, UFC, and the UEFA Champions League in 2012 through tvN SHOW (formerly XTM), with Teabing from last year, 2022 Qatar World Cup Asian Final Qualifier  European Football National Competition Euro 2020 Bundesliga 2021-22 Tennis Grand Slam Roland Garros (French Open) PGA Tour regular tournament The CJ Cup, sports contents of various sports have been broadcast.

In tvN SPORTS, which will be launched, not only AFC U-23 Asian Cup (held on 6/1)  AFC Champions League  Bundesliga soccer  major tennis tournaments, but also UFC FINA World Swimming Championships, which have been broadcast by CJ ENM, Top Rank World Boxing  Domestic professional sports, etc., will visit viewers with more diverse sports content.

"'tvN SPORTS is a premium sports channel for viewers who enjoy sports," said Kyo-eun Koo, director of CJ ENM's sports department.

With this, CJ ENM has expanded the tvN family channels to include tvN, tvN DRAMA, tvN SHOW, tvN STORY, and tvN SPORTS.

An official from CJ ENM said, "Based on the strong brand power of tvN, which has established itself as a representative broadcasting channel, we have secured a variety of channel groups and content lineups ranging from dramas, entertainment shows, life stories, and sports." We plan to continue to secure broadcasting rights for famous domestic and foreign sports through the expansion of the platform.”


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