Chungha is releasing her comeback single on April 27
Chungha is releasing her comeback single on April 27
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Chalie Park] Artist Chungha is releasing her comeback single on April 27, after 10 months since the release of fourth EP 'Flourishing'.

Chungha announced her comeback by posting a teaser image of the album with a caption "CHUNG HA PRE-RELEASE SINGLE #1 COMING SOON 2020.4.27 6PM" via official social media on the 13th. 

Chungha debuted as a soloist in 2017 and released singles 'Why Don't You Know', 'Roller Coaset', 'Love U', 'Gotta Go', 'Snapping', all of which topped major sales charts in Korea. 

She also signed with ICM Partners, one of the major global agencies to expand to global music scene in March. 

She has actively collaborated with various artists and projects and proved her versatility. Collaborative effort 'Loveship' with Paul Kim, 'Everybody Has', a song from the new MNH music project as well as 'My Love', an OST of 'Dr. Romantic 2' all dominated music charts shortly after their release.

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