[April 13] JIWOO's Birthday
[April 13] JIWOO's Birthday
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter MoMo ] April 13 is the birthday of JIWOO,a member of group NMIXX.


Jiwoo (지우) is a South Korean singer and rapper under JYP Entertainment. She is a member of the girl group NMIXX.

The group debuted on February 22, 2022 with the single album "Ad Mare".

The music video of the group Nmix's debut song is about to reach 100 million views.

JYP Entertainment, the agency, said on the 13th, "The music video for the title song 'O.O' of Nmix's debut single 'AD MARE', which was released on February 22nd, exceeded 60 million views on YouTube around 2:43 pm on the 12th. "he said.

As the 'O.O' music video is cruising toward the 100 million view mark, expectations are rising for the birth of Nmix's billion-dollar music video.

This music video contains the image of Nmix moving back and forth between the real world and the dreamed utopia according to the flow of two variations within one song.

Rich performances such as powerful performances on a magnificent set and colorful visual effects reminiscent of movie scenes stimulated repeated playback, and exceeded 20 million views in just one day of release and 30 million views in four days.

In particular, as of the morning of February 23, it rose to the top of YouTube Trending Worldwide and boasted high global popularity.

Previously, in addition to the music video, Nmix broke the Initial Chodong record based on the previous girl group debut album with 227,399 copies based on the Hanteo Chart (the album sales for a week as of the release date), and albums and artists that sold more than 200,000 copies. 


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