[April 07] GHOST9 's Comeback
[April 07] GHOST9 's Comeback
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter MoMo] April 07 is the comeback day of GHOST9 .


Ghost9 Comeback with sixth EP ‘Arcade: V’

 Ghost9's 6th mini album 'Arcade: V' is set for release on April 7 at 6 PM KST. The mini album signals the beginning of a new chapter in Ghost9's universe, the 'Arcade: VOW' series. 

Having successfully wrapped up their first musical series “Now,” rookie boy band Ghost9 is back to embark on their new journey, “Arcade: Vow.”

In January, Ghost9 traveled to four cities in the US, launching their first overseas concert tour since their debut. It also marked the end of the band’s first series, “Now.”

Since their debut in September 2020 and five albums later, it has been the longest time the boys have taken in between new releases, although it is only a mere five months since their fifth EP, “Now : Who we are facing,” in November.

Leading the album is “X-Ray,” the title song they had settled on through their experience in the US. The initial title song was “Champion,” now listed on the album as a side track.

A powerful synth-dance track with strong thumping beats, “X-Ray” boasts of a dynamic sound.

The forthcoming six-track album also includes “Dot,” “Champion,” “T.Y.T (Take You There),” “Always, All Ways” and “Stranger.”

A multinational group comprising one Thai member -- Prince -- and six South Korean members -- Jun-hyung, Lee Shin, Jun-seong, Kang-sung, Woo-jin, Jin-woo -- debuted on Sept. 23, 2020, with the first EP “Pre-Episode 1: Door.”

Since then, the septet has made regular comebacks, dropping five albums in just a year and two months, building their own niche of followers in the highly contested K-pop scene to become one of the most promising rookie groups.

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