Upcoming BL K-drama ‘Blueming’ will release on iQIYI and NBC Japan
Upcoming BL K-drama ‘Blueming’ will release on iQIYI and NBC Japan
  • Norah Yang 기자
  • 승인 2022.03.30 12:35
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Norah Yang] BL K-drama Blooming will be released around the world through iQIYI and NBC Universal Entertainment Japan.


According to the content media group NEW Film Business Department on the 30th, Blooming, which will be released on the 31st through Naver Series On and various platforms, will be released simultaneously around the world except for Korea and Japan through NBC Universal Entertainment Japan in June.

Starring rookie actors Kang Eun-bin and Jo Hyuk-joon, Blueming revolves around college student Cha Si-won (Kang), who strives to be popular in university after being teased during his childhood. However, Si-won comes to realise that he is being overshadowed by fellow student Hyeong Da-woon (Jo), whose looks, grades and personality are said to be “perfect”.

“I had to be flawless to not be looked down on,” says Si-won, as he attempts to gain popularity by working on his physical appearance and volunteering at school. However, he soon encounters Hyeong Da-woon, who is effortlessly well-liked by their peers.

While Si-won initially shows disdain for Da-woon’s popularity, believing that he looks down on him, the pair begin to grow closer as the latter attempts to clear Si-won’s misunderstanding. “The reason why I kept laughing was because I found you cute,” Da-woon admits.



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