[March 28] Jackson Wang's Birthday
[March 28] Jackson Wang's Birthday
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang ] March 28 is the birthday of Jackson Wang,a member of the South Korean boy group Got7.

Jackson Wang  is a rapper, singer, fashion designer and dancer based in China. He is the founder of record label Team Wang, and is the creative director and lead designer for fashion brand Team Wang Design.He is active in mainland China as a solo artist and television host. He is a member of the South Korean boy group Got7, and also a member of the Chinese hip hop group Panthepack.

 In January 2014, after over two years of training, Wang debuted as a member of Got7 with the single "Girls Girls Girls".

Jackson, birthday celebration billboard appeared in Japan

Jackson, a former member of the group GOT7, received an unforgettable gift from his fans on his birthday.



On the 28th, Fan N Star released a photo of Jackson's birthday celebration, which was being advertised on an electronic billboard in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Jackson's fans achieved the Fan N Star 'Electric Billboard Advertisement' that was opened on January 18th.

The advertisement will be screened at the Shin-Okubo electronic board in Shinjuku, Tokyo from the 28th to the 3rd of April.

Jackson's support was successful, and fans' messages of support poured out on 'Fan N Star'. Fans sent comments such as "Happy birthday to Jackson" and "I will love you forever."

In 'Fan N Star', fans can directly open electronic display support for the artist they want. If you can make a video on the signboard yourself, you can apply for 'Special Ads', and if you can't make a video, you can apply for 'Global Ads'.


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