Who's Jvcki Wai, an artist who may have signed with AOMG?
Who's Jvcki Wai, an artist who may have signed with AOMG?
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Jisoo Lee] A short clip posted on hip-hop label AOMG's official social media is creating a massive impact among music fans. Althogh we can see the artist only from behind, we know that the artist is female. So B.I. is off the table, and some netizens have divided opinion as they don't know whether she's Lee Hi, a singer who was previously under YG or it's a totally new artist. 
Rumour has it, the new artist may be Jvcki Wai. And the clues are everywhere; Code Kunst described the new artist as "very young, born in 1996 or 1997" in the previously released video while others said "her vibe isn't like anybody else. She's so unique" or "she's confident and charming." Lee Hi and Jvcki Wai fit all the descriptions above. Jvcki Wai was born in 1996 and debuted with an EP 'EXPOSURE'. She signed with Indigo music in 2018, but as the contract ended she's on her own, uploading her works mostly on SoundCloud. Her latest post on Instagram tagged Code Kunst, so is it just a coincidence? The controversy over the identity of a new AOMG artist may have to continue until April 9, the day when AOMG is announcing her name. 


Who's The Next AOMG? ㅤ 2020. 04. 09. THU. 6PM (KST) ㅤ #AOMG

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