So Jisub is married to Cho Eunjung, a 26 year-old game reporter
So Jisub is married to Cho Eunjung, a 26 year-old game reporter
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Yulia Cho] Actor So Jisub(43) is now legally married to Cho Eunjung (26), a reporter who's 17 years younger than him. 
51K Entertainment, the agency behind So Jisub reported on the announced, "In accordance with the will of So Jiseop and Cho Eunjung, who wanted to keep the most important and happy moments of their lives quietly, the family members of the immediate friends gathered together and replaced the wedding ceremony with a small dinner." It was said that it was not a small private ceremony or a small wedding, but a meal and greetings with the family.

So Jisub and Cho Eunjung first met in 2018 through a broadcast program. Afterwards, he accidentally met her again in a meeting with an acquaintance and developed a relationship with Cho, and both admitted that they are dating last May. 

After graduating from the Department of Korean Dance at Ewha Women's University, Cho Eunjung made her debut as an announcer through OGN, a game specialty channel in 2014, and worked as a reporter from SBS TV 'Yeonye Hanbam(Full Celebrity Midnight)' until June 2018. Currently, she's officially quitted the job. 

So Jisub is an actor who made his debut as a model in 1995. He palyed in the drama 'Love in Bali' (2004) 'I'm Sorry, I Love You' (2004), 'The Master's Sun' (2013), 'Terius Behind Me' (2019) and the movie 'Movies Are Movies' (2008), 'Only You' (2011) and 'Office Worker' (2012). In addition, So Jisub is currently filming the movie 'Confession' (Working title, director Yoon Jongseok, produced by Realize Pictures). 'Confession' is a long-term project that continues to be filmed until December, coming in two episodes. For the time being, So Jisub plans to concentrate on his work, and his honeymoon is also delayed for a while with his work and COVID-19.

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