From EVERGLOW to 'Bob Bless You 2', COVID-19 is affecting K-culture
From EVERGLOW to 'Bob Bless You 2', COVID-19 is affecting K-culture
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Jisoo Lee] From music broadcast to variety programs, coronavirus infection is affecting Korean culture industry. YUEHUA Entertainment announced today that one of the staffs working with EVERGLOW, the agency's girl group, was tested positive of COVID-19 and is being treated in the hopital. All the members were tested negative, but they will be on self-isolation for two weeks as commanded by government. "All the schedules are canceled," said the agency. As Sihyun, one of the members of EVERGLOW, is a show host for SBS MTV music program 'The Show', the program will not be aired next week. Kim Minkyu and Juyeon of The Boyz are the other show hosts of 'The Show'; they were also tested for COVID-19 and are on self-isolation at the moment.

Not all artists are lucky like EVERGLOW. Yunhak, a member of a boy group SUPERNOVA was tested positive for COVID-19 and is being hospitalized for treatment. Although he's the first celebrity patient, he might not be the last. Artists are either canceling scheduled events or replacing physical gathering to an online event. Ji Jinhyuk canceled his concert in Jakarta due to concerns about coronavirus infection. Suho of EXO, who released the first solo album 'Self-portrait' replaced fan meeting event with virtual online fan meeting.

The situation isn't any better for variety programs. 'Bob Bless You 2', a CJ OLIVE program is not being aired as the junior PD of the program was tested positive of COVID-19. All the hosts are tested and on self-isolation for two weeks; the whole building is closed for quarantine measures.

In the situation where concerts and mass fan meetings aren't possible, music broadcast programs were the only way for K-POP fans to meet their artists. However, K-POP fans are worried that even the music programs might stop because of coronavirus.

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