Jung Chae-yeon's PitorialI have released
Jung Chae-yeon's PitorialI have released
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  • 승인 2022.03.07 16:51
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Ellen Seo] Girl group DIA member and actress Jeong Chae-yeon has released a fashion pictorial featuring the freshness of spring.

In the March issue of the magazine 'WWD Korea', Chaeyeon Jung captured the attention of viewers with her bright charm that calls for spring and visuals that call for close-ups.


In this pictorial with the theme of 'Jung Chae-yeon's Weekend', Jung Chae-yeon showed off a romantic spring look with a knit vest and a flower pattern bag in a pink striped shirt with a clear sky and a garden full of flowers in the background. In addition, the classic trench coat was also nicely digested, showing off its limitless digestibility.


In particular, in the interview following the photo shoot, he answered about what he would like to do in spring, a work he would like to recommend among recent works, and his aspirations set in 2022, raising expectations for the charm he will show in the future.


Previously, Jung Chae-yeon was confirmed to appear in the MBC drama 'Gold Spoon'. Based on the popular Naver webtoon of the same name, the Golden Spoon is a life adventure story in which a child born in a poor family accidentally got a gold spoon and exchanged fate with a friend born in a wealthy family to become a gold spoon. Jung Chae-yeon takes on the role of Na Joo-hee, a daughter of a chaebol family, full of justice and honest charm.


On the other hand, more pictorial cuts and interviews of Jung Chae-yeon can be found in the March issue of 'WWD Korea'.

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