Park Bom released a new song after a year collaborated with Kim Minseok
Park Bom released a new song after a year collaborated with Kim Minseok
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] Park Bom, a singer from "Legendary Girl Group" 2NE1 will return with spring.

According to music industry officials on the 2nd, Park Bom will release a new digital single this month and make a surprise comeback.

It's the news of our comeback in a year. Park Bom released her single "Do Re Mi Fa Sol" in March last year. At that time, she received favorable reviews for performing a song of the same name that worked with popular rapper Changmo. Last month, she was in charge of singing the OST "You Are My Mirror" of the Naver series webtoon "Fight for My Way."

Park Bom will make a comeback with a new song collaborated with duo MeloMance vocalist Kim Min-seok. It is interesting that the meeting between Park Bom and Kim Min-seok, who boast an unrivaled voice and powerful sound source power, took place. Recording of a new song for a digital single has already been completed.

Park Bom debuted in the music industry in 2009 as a member of 2EN1. As a member of 2NE1, he made a number of hit songs such as Fire, I Don't Care, Follow Me, Go Away, Lonely, and I'm the Best.

He also showed off his unique presence with his solo song. When he was in 2NE1, he was loved for "YOU AND I" and "Don't Cry" and after a long break after the team was disbanded, he made a surprise comeback in 2019 with songs such as "Spring," "4:44," "Red Light," and "Doremi Pasol."

Park Bom has a deep connection with spring. In 2019, "Spring" and "4:44" were hit one after another, and "Doremi Fasol," which was released last year, was also played in spring. Attention is focusing on whether the new song will be able to shake the spring music industry once again with a new song collaborated with Kim Min-seok, who is at the top of the music chart with a remake song "Drunken Confession."


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