American movie industry participated in "Russia Sanctions"...Hollywood stars also have critical voices
American movie industry participated in "Russia Sanctions"...Hollywood stars also have critical voices
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] The U.S. Hollywood film industry has also begun sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine. Not only are major film distributors, including Walt Disney, expressing their intention not to release movies in Russia, but Hollywood stars are also taking the lead in intense criticism of Russia.

First of all, Walt Disney released a statement on the 28th of last month (local time), saying, "Disney will stop releasing movies in Russia in consideration of the Ukrainian invasion and tragic and humanitarian crisis without justifiable reasons." Disney was the first major Hollywood film company to stop releasing movies in Russia in response to the incident.

Disney seems to have made the decision earlier in a petition by the Ukrainian Film Academy (UFA) to reject the Russian film and film industry internationally. Disney said it will completely suspend the release of movies in Russia, including the upcoming Pixar film Turning Red, and "make future business decisions based on progress."

It also said it is working with non-governmental organization (NGO) partners to provide emergency aid and other humanitarian assistance in consideration of the scale of the Ukrainian refugee crisis.

Following Disney's announcement, Warner Bros. also announced on the afternoon of the 1st that they would not release The Batman, which has already sold $200,000 (about 240 million won) in Russia, and Sony Pictures also said it would not show its planned releases in Russia, starting with the superhero movie Mobius.

Russia is an important market in the Hollywood film industry. Last year, Russia's box office profit reached $600 million (about 720 billion won), or 2.8 percent of global ticket sales. However, the U.S. film industry seems to have made a difficult decision on a humanitarian level due to the invasion of Ukraine.    

Hollywood stars are also criticizing Russian President Putin's anti-human behavior. Earlier on the 28th, Benedict Cumberbatch, famous for his "Doctor Strange" and "Sherlock" series, sent support to the Ukrainian people on the streets of Hollywood and criticized "Russian people who oppose the foolishness of the rulers who commit this cruel act." He said, "We have to act. "Let's not just pray, but go to the embassy website and act on what to do in this terrible reality as a citizen of the world," he added.

Ukrainian actor Mila Jovovic said on her SNS, "My heart collapses when I think of what happened this week in my hometown of Ukraine," adding, "My country and my people are being bombarded." Friends and family are hiding. Their hometown collapsed, their families became displaced, and their daily lives were destroyed. "I was also torn in two as I watched the horror progress," he appealed.

Actor Mark Ruffalo, famous for "Hulk," wrote on SNS, "You've never done anything bad enough to see such violent and obscene scenes," and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was loved for the "Terminator" series, must end the unnecessary war before too many lives are destroyed. "I will be with the Ukrainian people," he said.

In addition, Hollywood stars such as actors Angelina Jolie, Ashton Kutcher, singers Miley Cyrus, and Ariana Grande delivered messages of support for the Ukrainian people. Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively declared solidarity with Ukraine, promising a $1 million donation.

Hollywood actor Sean Pen, who has been working on anti-war movements and humanitarian activities, has also been found to be filming a documentary on the invasion of Russia in Ukraine. A photo of him attending a government press conference in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, was released on the 24th, and he is said to have crossed the border of Poland from Ukraine.


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