[February 28] YOO TAE YANG's Birthday
[February 28] YOO TAE YANG's Birthday
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] February 28 is SF9 member Yoo Tae-yang's birthday.

Yoo Tae-yang is a member of the nine-member boy group SF9 and is in charge of sub-vocal and main dancer.

"ONAIR" is Jin Tae-hwa, 2AM Lee Chang-min, and 2PM Jun amid keen interest from global K-pop fans 2PM JUN. K, K, Baek A-yeon, iKON Kim Jin-hwan, SF9 Yoo Tae-yang, Inseong, Jae Yoon Golden Child Y, Hong Joo-chan, VICTON Lim Se-joon, Heo Chan, Future Boy Son Dong-pyo, and Kwon Eun-bi drew attention.

Yoo Tae-yang, who recently made her debut as a musical actor with both skills and visuals through the Broadway musical "Alta Boys," also filled the stage with her unique skill and colorful charm.
The work will be held until the 27th at the 2nd Yes24 Stage in Daehak-ro, Seoul, and at the Meta Theater, a global platform specializing in performances.


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