Marvel's best anti-hero, "Morbius" will be released on March 30th
Marvel's best anti-hero, "Morbius" will be released on March 30th
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] Marvel's powerful anti-hero is coming. The movie Morbius (Director Daniel Espinosa) will appear in domestic theaters in March.

Morbius is an action blockbuster about an event that takes place when biochemist Morbius (Jared Leto), who suffers from rare blood diseases, has the power to save the world and the instinct to destroy it in the process of developing treatments using vampire bats.

Morbius, which features the birth story of a new Marvel anti-hero, is a work presented by the production team of Spider-Man: Now Way Home and Venom, heralding a unique fun with Dr. Michael Morbius, the rival against Spider-Man in Marvel's original Comics.

Actor Jared Leto plays Morbius, adding to expectations. Not only was he recognized for his acting skills by winning the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 86th U.S. Academy Awards for his role in the movie "Dallas Bias Club" but he was also loved by domestic audiences for his role as a Joker in "Suicide Squad." I'm looking forward to Jared Leto, who has an unrivaled presence, turning into "Morbius" and performing.   

The main poster released on the 25th draws attention with Morbius' intense visuals. In particular, Morbius' one face is a human figure, while the other face catches the eye with its red eyes and sharp fangs. On top of that, a copy of "Marvel's strongest anti-hero" is added to herald the emergence of anti-heroes crossing the boundaries of good and evil, raising expectations. We can meet on March 30th.


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