JYP rookie girl group NMIXX and ATEEZ plagiarism controversy
JYP rookie girl group NMIXX and ATEEZ plagiarism controversy
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Khaing] It has been argued that JYP rookie girl group NMIXX is similar to the concept of boy group ATEEZ.

On the 22nd, hashtags such as "#JYP_Plagiarism Controversy_Explain" and "#JYP_Explain_Apple_Accept" were posted on Twitter, drawing attention.

ATEEZ's fans said, "It simply exceeded a few scenes from the MV. When I introduced the album, I copied the worldview itself beyond concept plagiarism, he said. "It's not a common concept, and everything overlaps with the pirate image and detailed settings."

Comparing the MV scenes of ATEEZ and NMIXX claimed by the fandom, the pirate ship appearing above the pink cloud, the pirate ship falling, and the structure of the members appearing in the background of the city are similar.

It also included similar concepts such as the song "Declaration" belonging to ATEEZ's first mini-album "TREASURE EP. Map To Answer" released in 2020 and the concept video "New Frontier: Declaration" released by NMIXX.

ATEEZ fandom expressed anger, saying, "It's too much to take ATEEZ's concept of 'Pirates Looking for Utopia' that has been created over the past few years," "The overall worldview story is so similar to the planning intention," and "It feels like a large company has taken away SME ideas."

On the other hand, there were netizens who responded, "It's a composition that other singers are using enough," "It's too common," and "Isn't it not even a scene from one music video?"

Meanwhile, in the evening that day, NMIXX (Lily Haewon Seolyoon Genie Bae Jiu Gyujin) released its debut single "AD MARE" and the music video for the title song "Ooh (O.O)".

In addition, when JYP Entertainment unveiled the logo of the 11 rookie girl group NMIXX, suspicions were raised that the logo was similar to that of the group MONSTA X.



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