Apink won first place on a music show
Apink won first place on a music show
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] Apink, who returned with a 10th anniversary album, topped the music show for the first time since their comeback.

Apink won its first No. 1 trophy for the comeback with the title song "Dilemma" of the 10th anniversary special album "HORN" on SBS MTV's "The Show," which aired on the 22nd.

Apink said, "I think it will be a good memory for Apink thanks to the great award at The Show." Thank you so much," he said. "I would like to say thank you to our Panda (official fan club name) for waiting. "We will be Apink who repay you with better performances in the future," he said, expressing special affection to fans.

Immediately after the broadcast, Apink released a proof shot of The Show's No. 1 trophy through its official SNS and shared the joy of winning the first place for the first time in the comeback with fans who have been cheering for a long time.

Apink drew attention as a comeback special stage with a more mature aspect and solid composition on the stage of Joo Ji-rong (Park Cho-rong, Jung Eun-ji, and Kim Nam-joo) unit song Nassing and YO (Yoon Bo-mi, Oh Ha-young) unit song Red Carpet. Apink, who performed the new song "Dilemma," drew attention with its splendid goddess force and extraordinary stage manners, giving off a strong impression of being a "12th-year" professional girl group, with addictive melodies and hand gesture point dances.

Apink announced its comeback in about a year and 10 months with its 10th anniversary special album "Hon" on the 14th. Apink, which announced its "return of legendary girl groups" by topping major music charts such as Melon's real-time charts, Bugs, and Genie, and entering the top three iTunes top album charts in 12 countries, is drawing attention with its overwhelming potential to record "career high" performance in its 12th year.

Meanwhile, Apink is expected to accelerate its special album activities with a variety of contents such as major music broadcasts and reality broadcasts.


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