[February 23] KEVIN's Birthday
[February 23] KEVIN's Birthday
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] February 23 is THE BOYZ member Kevin's birthday.

Kevin, a member of the group THE BOYZ, unveiled his own song "604" to mark his birthday.

THE BOYZ said, "Member Kevin released a non-regular song '604' through the global music platform SoundCloud at midnight on the 23rd to mark his birthday."

"604" is Kevin's second self-composed song, which contains nostalgic memories and feelings with his family living in Vancouver, Canada, in melody and lyrics. Like the title "604," which means Vancouver's regional number, the song, which adds relaxation beats and piano performances reminiscent of Vancouver's streets, adds to the specialness of Kevin's unique wit.

The song's cover, which Kevin participated in, has been receiving positive responses since its release, with the clockwork detail pointing to 6:04 against the backdrop of Vancouver's famous Steam Clock, filling Kevin's personality as a whole.

Meanwhile, THE BOYZ is actively engaged in activities such as being selected as the original sound track singer of the webtoon "Level Up Alone" on Kakao Page, and is set to release music and music videos.

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