[February 19] JUNGWOO's Birthday
[February 19] JUNGWOO's Birthday
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] February 19 is NCT member JUNGWOO's birthday.

JUNGWOO is a member of SM Entertainment's boy group NCT, sub-groups NCT U, and NCT 127.

The NCT Show in the NCT UNIVERSE (The NCT Show in the NCT Universe, hereinafter referred to as the NCT Show) is its own content in which NCT members gather in various combinations to showcase different charms through various contents.

NCT NEWS (NCT News), which announced the start of the NCT Show on the 10th, is a corner that delivers news and updates of the members, and "A Cup of Coffee Part 3," which was released together, is receiving good responses with talk content featuring pleasant tea time of members who turned into college students.

In addition, "Challenge! City Golden Bell," which was opened sequentially at 10 p.m. on February 12-13, is a quiz show in which nine members challenge quizzes under MC Ji-sung's hosting, and it is enough to enjoy the pleasant charm at once.

NCT is gaining global popularity by performing all-round activities as well as team activities of NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and WayV, and is loved not only for album activities but also for abundant self-produced content tailored to fans' tastes.

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