Asia's first Calvin Klein model, "BLACKPINK" JENNIE, S22 magazine is released
Asia's first Calvin Klein model, "BLACKPINK" JENNIE, S22 magazine is released
  • Khaing 기자
  • 승인 2022.02.16 19:45
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Khaing] The Calvin Klein S22 Global Campaign, in which "Black Pink" Jenny, selected as the first Calvin Klein global ambassador in Asia, participated, was unveiled.

The theme of Calvin Klein's campaign in the spring season of 2022 is connectivity. Calvin Klein introduced the Calvin Klein campaign of a new era through communities and groups, saying, "We reconsider our future, community, and the world we live in."

Photographer Glen Luchford and director Melina Matsoukas captured more than 120 global casts, including familiar faces, emerging stars, individuals and groups. Individuals participate in campaigns to commemorate their self-expression and identity, becoming one in a greater sense than the actual community.

Calvin Klein's "22 Spring Collection," unveiled in the campaign, reinterprets the brand's symbolic past into the future and presents fresh archive works with new ratios, silhouettes and colors. It is a collection to commemorate the collective personality, a universal product that everyone can wear and style in their own way.


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