Wavve, lineup announcement "EXO's Travel the World on a Ladder Season 3"comeback
Wavve, lineup announcement "EXO's Travel the World on a Ladder Season 3"comeback
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Khaing] Wavve, an online video service, unveiled a lineup of major contents in 2022.

South Korea's OTT Wavve announced on the 16th that it will introduce about 30 original contents including movies, dramas, and entertainment this year. Wavve, which announced its plan to invest 1 trillion won in content by 2025, has expanded the size of paid subscribers by releasing 26 original and exclusive contents last year.

Last month, the number of Wavve users increased by about 176,000 from the previous month to 4.92 million, achieving high-quality original content such as "Best Taxi," "Black Sun," "Wonder Woman," and "Youth of May."

In particular, "U-raise Me Up," which was introduced exclusively by Wavve, and "Political Fever," have attracted great attention through fresh and original materials differentiated from existing broadcasting contents.

This year, it will show off a more colorful lineup. First of all, the entire episode of the drama "Tracer" season 2 will be released on the 18th. The work, starring Lim Si-wan, Go Ah-sung, and Son Hyun-joo, received favorable reviews for forming a mania group in all seasons, taking both completeness and fun.

It will release "X in Crisis," starring Kwon Sang-woo and Sung Dong-il, in the summer. Original webtoon dramas such as "Weak Hero," "The Return to the Kingdom," and "Mission Two Possible" are also waiting for release in the second half of the year.

It also plans to showcase its original movie for the first time. In addition to "Gentleman," starring Ju Ji-hoon and Park Sung-woong, "Deadman," starring Kim Hee-ae and Cho Jin-woong, and "Brave Citizens," who worked together with Shin Hye-sun and Lee Joon-young, will meet viewers one after another.

There are also documentaries and entertainment shows. Season 3 of "If I Do HIP," which depicts the story of the group "MAMAMOO," and "Traveling the World on EXO's Ladder" featuring the group "EXO" are being prepared.

In addition, Wavve will join hands with terrestrial and general programming channels to supply dramas presented by broadcasters. KBS will bring "Red Dansim," "Speed 493km to you" and "Currently Beautiful" and MBC will bring "Tomorrow," "Showtime from now on," "Doctor Royer," and "Gold Spoon." SBS's "In-house encounter," "Again My Life," and "Why Oh Soo-jae" will also be available on Wavve.

It will also expand its exclusive overseas series. Last year, Wavve unveiled various series "Euphoria," "Watchman," "Suksession," and "Mare of Eastown" made by HBO in the U.S., and Peacock's "Bayside Yargaedeul," "Doctor Death," and "Girls Five Eva" were also introduced for the first time in Asia. This year, new films such as Endgame, Resident Alien 2, Angelin, Chucky Season 2, and The Capture Season 2 will be released.

We will create a new OTT-led media ecosystem by establishing a well-made lineup through extensive collaboration with content companies such as broadcasters, producers, film companies, and entertainment companies, said Lee Chan-ho, head of Wavve Content Strategy Division.


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