"Kill Hill" Kim Haneul, Kim Sungryeong, Lee Hyeyoung, Best Casting
"Kill Hill" Kim Haneul, Kim Sungryeong, Lee Hyeyoung, Best Casting
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] The main actors Kim Ha-neul, Lee Hye-young, and Kim Sung-ryeong of tvN's new Wednesday-Thursday drama "Kill Hill" are drawing attention.

On the 15th, a production presentation for "Kill Hill" was held online.

Kill Hill is a drama about the endless desires and desperate struggles of three women on home shopping.

In "Kill Hill," Kim Ha-neul plays the role of "Woo Hyun," who aims to become a top UNI home shopping show host with a wriggling desire.

Kim Ha-neul said, "I unintentionally filmed most of the scenes with male actors, but I've been wanting to film with female actors since a few years ago," adding, "I wanted to talk about the emotions of women while exchanging breath with male actors."

In addition, Lee Hye-young plays the role of Moran, the main character of the myth, who became vice president of UNI home shopping at a regular employee.

Lee Hye-young, who initially hesitated to join "Kill Hill," said, "It would have been a big trouble if I hadn't. It's a good thing I did it, she said. "I got healthier and better playing this role."

In addition, Kim Sung-ryeong, who plays Bae Ok-sun, the home shopping star shopping host in Kill Hill, said, "The fashion of the three actors will be fun."

Meanwhile, Noh Do-cheol, director of "Kill Hill," said, "We gathered the actors we wanted in a short time. He said, "It's a qualified casting, there's no hole," adding, "The actors are acting so well that we're going stably fast even on a tight schedule."



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