N.Flying's Cha Hoon "Calming Signal" acting debut
N.Flying's Cha Hoon "Calming Signal" acting debut
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  • 승인 2022.02.15 16:46
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] Cha Hoon, a member of band N.Flying, will challenge his first acting with the web drama Calming Signal.

According to his agency FNC Entertainment on February 15, Cha Hoon played the main character Kim Ha-joon in "Calming Signal".

Calming Signal is a romantic comedy drama that finds real love between a man like a cat and a woman like a puppy. "Calming Signal," which deals with the growth story of young people, attracts attention as a new concept of animal love observation web drama that observes and interferes with men and women's relationships from the perspective of pets.

In the play, Cha Hoon plays Kim Ha-joon, the main character of a pet startup founder. Kim Ha-joon is more confident in his work than Wangcho in terms of dating. He is poor at expressing emotions and lying and has a strong pride, but he has a warm hearted personality that likes animals and babies.

Cha Hoon plays the role of Kim Ha-joon, who accidentally encounters his first love in school days and tries to escape from his birth solo while receiving love consulting.

Cha Hoon is a member of the band N.Flying and a guitarist who stands out for his chicness on stage and challenges his first acting since his debut. In particular, as he is a member who actually likes pets, he is expected to add abundant fun to the play by capturing chemistry with pets in the play.


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