Kim Chae-won from April eventually left DSP Media
Kim Chae-won from April eventually left DSP Media
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] Kim Chae-won, a former member of the group April, left DSP Media for the first time in more than six years. It has been two weeks since April failed to overcome the controversy over "bullying in the team" and officially disbanded last month.

DSP Media said on the 14th, "We terminated the exclusive contract with our artist Kim Chae-won after the 11th."

The agency said, "After talking for a long time, we and Kim Chae-won came to make such a decision," adding, "We would like to express our gratitude to Kim Chae-won, who has been active as a member of the company for the past six years, and fans who cared for her."

Kim Chae-won made her debut in the music industry as an original member of April in August 2015 and has continued her activities. However, in February last year, when former member Lee Hyun-joo claimed to have been damaged by bullying in the team, controversy over bullying arose, which completely suspended April's activities. Over the next year, the two sides have engaged in a fierce battle of truth, but legal disputes are still ongoing.

Among them, DSP officially announced April's disbandment on the 28th of last month. At that time, the members' position on exclusive contracts and activity plans other than the disbandment of the team was not known, and Kim Chae-won seems to have since cleared up her exclusive contract with DSP.

Meanwhile, Kim Chae-won released the progress of the complaint against Lee Hyun-joo on her personal YouTube channel on the 2nd, shortly after the team's disbandment, refuting rumors that Lee Hyun-joo had previously claimed, drawing attention. Among them, Kim Chae-won's long-standing DSP has left, drawing attention to her future moves.


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