[February 14] JAEHYUN's Birthday
[February 14] JAEHYUN's Birthday
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] February 14 is NCT member Jaehyun's birthday.

Jaehyun is a member of SM Entertainment's boy groups NCT, subunits NCT U, and NCT 127, and is the main vocalist, lead dancer, and sub-rapper of the team.

NCT Jaehyun celebrated his 26th birthday.

On the morning of the 14th, several selfies of Jaehyun were posted on NCT's official SNS, saying, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO #JAEHYUNWE♥YYOU #HAPPYJAEHYUNDAY #JAEHYUN #NCT #NCT127."

In the picture, NCT Jaehyun is showing off his sentimental yet mysterious eyes in a black

turtleneck. Jaehyun shot at global women's hearts, boasting irreplaceable sculptural beauty as well as flawlessly perfect features.

In addition, NCT Jaehyun captivated viewers with his wide shoulders captivating the unique sexiness.

Meanwhile, NCT, which includes Jaehyun, released its third full album "Universe" in December last year.


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