WINNER revealed the track list of upcoming album 'Remember'
WINNER revealed the track list of upcoming album 'Remember'
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Chalie Park] WINNER revealed the track list of their third studio album 'Remember'. A total of twelve songs were all written and composed by the members. According to YG Entertainment, WINNER's agency, WINNER named the album to let the fans remember WINNER, as some of the members are about to enlist. 

The title track 'Remember' was written and composed by MINO just like 'Hold'. MINO filled the ballad song led by guitar melody with WINNER's whole-hearted message from the beginning to the end. 'Dduk' is Jinwoo's solo number written by Seungyun, singing about lovers' feelings as they face the moment of break-up. 

There's also a song that the fans heard only at concerts or awards which made its way to the album. 'Serenade', Seunghun's first solo song written by Seunghun himself will be included in the album after five years of fans' continuous request. 

YG Entertainment also announced that the album will include four special tracks, 'Don't Flirt', 'Empty', 'Different' and 'Color Ring' which were re-recorded by four members, Seunghun, Seungyoon, MINO and Jinwoo. Featuring eight new songs as well as four old songs re-recorded, the album will definitely serve as a refreshing gift to INNER CIRCLE(WINNER's fandom name).

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