"It was an April Fool's Day Prank" Kim Jaejoong made fool of COVID-19
"It was an April Fool's Day Prank" Kim Jaejoong made fool of COVID-19
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Yulia Cho] It turned out that singer-and-actor Kim Jae Joong lied about his infection of COVID-19. On April 1, he told his fans that he is infected by coronavirus and that he's been hospitalized. 
He said that he was careless of the government's and his friends' advice, admitting his fault. He also apologized potential patients of coronavirus to whom he may have spread the virus.

But about an hour later he confessed that it was nothing but an April Fool's Day joke. "Many people worried about me in such short time." he wrote, "but COVID-19 is never someone else's business. I wanted to say that protecting yourself is the way to protect your loved ones. I will take the blame that I'm facing with the previous post. I hope everyone stays safe."

CJES Entertainment, the agency in charge of Jaejoong's management announced that Jaejoong is currently in Japan and that they will call him to find out about the detail. Netizens are biased about his post. Some suspect that his accounts have been hacked; some show resentment, saying that COVID-19 is not a matter to be made fun of.

Below is the whole article Jaejoong wrote in his Instagram.

I am infected by COVID-19.
It was my falut to remain careless to government's and my friends' advice.
I realize how big the impact of an individual is to the whole society.
I feel so sorry for the people who might have been infected by me.
I made who I am now 
by thinking 'I may not be one of them'
I'm being hospitalized now.
I think back of my past, feeling gratitude and sorry at the same time.
I have so many things to say.
I have so many people to miss. 



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