Actor Gong Myung leaves Fantasio for Saram Entertainment
Actor Gong Myung leaves Fantasio for Saram Entertainment
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] Actor Gong Myung is leaving Fantasio and signing Saram Entertainment. On April 1, Saram Entertainment announced that the actor has signed contract with the agency. The agency promised full support for Gong Myung so that he can shine brighter as an actor. 
Gong Myung debuted as a member of Surprise, a actor-singer group. Other members of Surprise are Seo Gangjun, Kang Taeo, Yuil and Lee Taehwan. All the members' contract is over as of March 31. While signed to Fantasio, Gong Myung took roles in the drama 'Be Melodramatic, Melo Suits Me' and the movie 'Extreme Job'. 
Saram Entertainment is an agency specialized in actor management. Um Junghwa, Yun Gesang, Han Yeri, Sooyoung(former member of SNSD) are some of the actors and actresses signed to the agency.


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