ENHYPEN will release a new digital single "Always" in Japan
ENHYPEN will release a new digital single "Always" in Japan
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  • 승인 2022.02.07 20:21
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] "ENHYPEN will release its Japanese digital single 'Always' on the 22nd," said Billiprap, the agency of ENHYPEN (JUNGWON, HEESEUNG, JAY, JAKE, SUNGHOON, SUNWOO and NIKI).

This song is the Wednesday drama "Muchaburi!: Watashi ga Shachou ni Narunante," which has been airing on Nihon TV (NTV) since last month. I can't believe I'm the boss. It was selected as the theme song of Muchaburi!: Watashi ga Shachou ni Narunante and became a hot topic. Akino Suzuki, who was in charge of directing the drama, said, "When I thought of the story of the drama, I thought 'a supporting artist' was good, and ENHYPEN came to mind at that time." ENHYPEN hopes that participation in the first drama OST will be able to give strength to everyone who lives now through "Always." "Please look forward to the drama and the song a lot," he said.

ENHYPEN proved its hot local popularity by topping Japan's Oricon Daily Album Chart and Weekly Album Chart with its first full repackage album "DIMESION: ANSWER" released last month.

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