Somi's first reality show hits 1 million views in just three days
Somi's first reality show hits 1 million views in just three days
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Jisoo Lee] Jeon Somi's reality show exceeded 1 million views on YouTube in just three days.
The reality show 'I AM SOMI' aired through THE BLACK LABEL, the agency's official YouTube on March 28, surpassed 1 million views on 31.

Her first YouTube reality took not just YouTube by storm; her name and the car she rode were ranked as trending keywords on major Korean portal sites. 
In the first episode of 'I AM SOMI', Jeon Somi captured tearful moments of highschool graduation as well as happy afterparty scene with her company's famous producers, 24 and Vince. Teddy, the CEO of THE BLACK LABEL, also made appearance, much to fans' surprise. 

'I AM SOMI' is the first reality show celebrating Somi's adulthood. Somi will show her artistic side as well as 'civilian' side of her and will challenge to various things she wanted to try as an adult. In the first episode ends with the scene where she is riding on a yellow car which, according to her, is her 'dream car'. As netizens are curious about the owner of the car, Somi will reveal the owner of the car in the second episode to be aired on April 4 via YouTube.


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