Kang Daniel's 'CYAN' records hightest sales volume as a solo artist in 2020
Kang Daniel's 'CYAN' records hightest sales volume as a solo artist in 2020
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Chalie Park] Singer Kang Daniel renewed his solo career in 2020. According to the domestic album sales website Hanteo Chart, Kang Daniel's first mini album 'CYAN' recorded the initial sales volume (cumulative album sales for a week after the album release, counted from March 24 to March 30) of 26,1,459 copies.

He is the only male solo artist to have exceeded sales volume of 200,000 copies in one week after the album release. As a result, Kang Daniel, who took the top spot in this year's solo singer, scored final volume of 260,000 copies in sales.

This is the fourth highest record after BTS, Aizu One, and NCT 127 based on the initial cumulative sales of all albums released in 2020, and Kang Daniel is proudly named as the top artist as a solo artist.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel's solo debut album, "Color On Me," released last year, set the record for the highest number of solo singers ever with an astounding record of 460,000 in the cumulative sales volume of the first solo artists in Hanteo chart. His mini album 'CYAN' also settled in third place in the cumulative sales volume during the initial period, after BTS, IZ*ONE and NCT 127 whoare all group artists.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel, who had spent a week with a full-schedule from comeback show to music broadcasting after the release of the new mini album continues to be active in the second week through various contents and music broadcasting activities.

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