Apink's Yoon Bo-mi fashion pictorial is released
Apink's Yoon Bo-mi fashion pictorial is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] A strong fashion pictorial of Yoon Bo-mi, a member of the group Apink, who announced her comeback in February, has been released.

In this pictorial released through the February issue of "The Star" magazine, Apink Yoon Bo-mi fully revealed her chic charm that she had not seen before. In the released photo, Yoon Bo-mi completed a sensuous pictorial by wearing an elegant dress and looking at the camera or leaning against the Jacomo sofa.

In an interview that followed after the pictorial shoot, Yoon Bo-mi said, "It was nice to film comfortably on the sofa. "I want to shoot at these sites every day," he said, expressing his pleasant feelings about filming.

When asked what he was most worried about while preparing for the new album, he said, "While changing Apink's concept, I thought about approaching the public and fans without any burden," adding, "Most of all, I hope our fans like it."

When asked if she was afraid of challenging new things, she said, "In fact, I'm scared but I do everything I can." I tend to challenge unconditionally because I have the mindset of "Let's do it and regret it rather than not doing it."

Also, regarding the important values of life, "If you are grateful for small things, your life will be happy," adding, "I feel grateful for eating, breathing, and waking up in the morning." I don't take it for granted even if it's a small thing, he said.

Finally, about Yoon Bo-mi's dream 10 years later, he said, "I want to do Apink then, too. She often tells the member Ha-young that she wants to do Apink even after having a baby or becoming a grandmother. At that time, I think I'm probably alternating between parenting and Apink, he replied with a smile.

More pictorials and interviews of Apink's Yoon Bo-mi, who has made a drastic transformation, can be found in the February issue of The Star (released on January 28).

Meanwhile, in the February issue of The Star, you can find information on various stars and styles, including Super Rookie Kepler's cover pictorial and photo card, Solo Ok Cha Hyun-seung's born-to-be sexy pictorial, and Amazon's best leader Park Hye-rim's pictorial.

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