Boo SeungKwan's "First Look" pictorial is revealed
Boo SeungKwan's "First Look" pictorial is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Khaing] Seventeen's Seungkwan, the icon of management, decorated the first look back cover with his first solo beauty pictorial of the year with a premium beauty brand.

Through the magazine First Look published on the 20th, Seungkwan showed off his chic and lovely charm and presented a pictorial with flawless skin like an icon of management. When he changed into a pink outfit, he smiled with a lovely smile and showed off his revival with his lively lips as if he had juice. He pulled off any concept perfectly and exploded his beauty potential.

In an interview that followed after the pictorial shoot, I asked Seungkwan in what circumstances he usually uses beauty products. "When I cover my flaws, I'm sure it's a concealer." For lips, I tend to use a lip balm that has a subtle reddish color. I saw a picture taken without makeup in the past, and I felt that "that's why lip color is important," and he replied, "I always take a tint lip balm even on days when I don't have a schedule."

Seungkwan, who is so strict that he is called "Booseung Management," is missing from the management method these days, "Walking 15,000 steps a day." I'm going to walk even for 30 minutes ahead of an important schedule. I use my thigh and hip muscles to burn fat quickly, so I do squats a lot at home. And these days, I like cold bean noodles. I tend to put both sugar and salt in bean-soup noodles," he said, revealing his management method and taste.

What's SeungKwan's goal for 2022? "This year, my goal is to upload a lot of singing videos and work on a lot of songs. I have a strong image of an entertainment idol, but I want to let you know that I like and sing well," he said adding, "I'm into the sentence 'Just Do' these days. "I'm telling you to just do it without worrying or worrying, so I'm going to try anything this year," he said, wrapping up the interview.

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