Yoon Yeo-jung and Lee Min-ho appear on Apple TV+ series "Pachinko"
Yoon Yeo-jung and Lee Min-ho appear on Apple TV+ series "Pachinko"
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Khaing] Apple TV Plus's drama series "Pachinko," starring actors Yoon Yeo-jung and Lee Min-ho, will be released on March 25.

Apple TV+ said, "We plan to release three episodes on March 25 and release one episode every Friday by April 29." The work is based on a novel of the same name written by Korean-American writer Lee Min-jin. It depicts the story of Soonja, who went from Joseon to Japan during the Japanese colonial period and then to the United States again, and his family. Yoon Yeo-jung plays the older Soon-ja, while Lee Min-ho plays Han-soo, a man in love with Soon-ja. As a young man, Kim Min-ha was in charge of Soonja.

Su-hyu, the producer and scriptwriter of "Pachinko," said, "Some works can change the deep inside of someone who is a film producer and a human being," adding, "There is no doubt that "Pachinko" is a project that changed me." "This is a story and tribute to my ancestors. It is also a story dedicated to all 'Soonja' that exists in all of our family history.


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