Park Seo-joon and Han So-hee were selected as the main characters of the critcher thriller "Kyungsung Creature"
Park Seo-joon and Han So-hee were selected as the main characters of the critcher thriller "Kyungsung Creature"
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] Kyungsung Creature confirmed the casting of Park Seo-joon and Han So-hee and began filming in earnest.

The new drama "Kyungsung Creature" (written by Kang Eun-kyung/directed by Jung Dong-yoon) announced on the 27th that actors Park Seo-joon and Han So-hee have confirmed their appearance.

Kyungsung Creature is a critcher thriller in the spring of 1945, when the darkness of the times was the darkest, where two young people, who were all about survival, confronted a monster born above greed. The story of those struggling hotly at the boundary between life and death raises fundamental questions about human dignity and humanity along with thrilling catharsis. The birth of a unique creative film to be completed by writer Kang Eun-kyung, who is absolutely supported by the public through the "Romantic Doctor Kim Sa-bu" series, and director Chung Dong-yoon, who showed strong directing in the "Hot Stove League," stimulates expectations.

Above all, the meeting between Park Seo-joon and Han So-hee makes drama fans more excited. Park Seo-joon is the "hotest" wealthy man in Bukchon and will take charge of Jang Tae-sang, the best information bank in Gyeongseong, to break another life character. Having endured with evil to survive, he is instinctively a strong man in the world's Jang Tae-sang, who has become a celebrity who dominates Bukchon with his natural quickness, insight, and unique sly affinity. Having believed in and followed only the reality in front of him rather than justice, he becomes entangled with Yoon Chae-ok (Han So-hee), who has lived a completely different life, turning away from him and thinking about "living like a human being."

Park Seo-joon said, "I was very interested in the background of the times of Gyeongseong. I met a work with such a background, and I am excited and happy to be with great writers, directors, and staff. "I will work hard to play Jang Tae-sang as an actor in the future," he said, raising expectations.

Han So-hee foretells a strong transformation with Yoon Chae-ok, a famous to find even the dead (nickname for those who are looking for missing people). Yoon Chae-ok, who learned how to survive across Manchuria and Shanghai with her father since childhood. Having survived the disastrous and nightmare-like reality, she is not only good at handling guns and knives, but also smart enough to have no machines she cannot handle. Coming to Kyungsung to find the whereabouts of her mother, who disappeared 10 years ago, she became associated with Jang Tae-sang, and faced a terrible reality while chasing a series of mysterious disappearances.

Han So-hee said, "I am honored to greet you with a new look in Kyungsung Creature, which looks strong on the outside but is full of colorful and endless stories like Chae-ok with a warm heart." "I will work harder to meet the great interest and expectations you send me and come to see you in a good way," he said with affection.

Jang Tae-sang and Yoon Chae-ok, who will fight a desperate and hot battle against unknown monsters and people who are more like monsters than monsters. I'm looking forward to Park Seo-joon and Han So-hee's performance more than ever to complete them.

It is scheduled to air in 2023.


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