[January 27] Kino's Birthday
[January 27] Kino's Birthday
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] January 27 is PENTAGON member Kino's birthday.

Kino is a member of the nine-member boy group Pentagon belonging to Cube Entertainment and serves as a sub-vocal and main dancer within Pentagon.  

The group Pentagon will unveil the comeback stage of its new song "Feelin' Like" for the first time.

Pentagon will unveil the first comeback stage of its 12th mini-album "IN:VITE U" (Invite U), the title song "Feelin' Like," on Mnet's "M Countdown," which will air today (27th).

The new song "Feelin' Like" is a perfect combination of pop and R&B that causes strong addiction from the intro, and members Jin-ho, Kino, and Woo-suk participated in the lyrics to enhance the completeness of the song.

Earlier, Pentagon announced a successful comeback by releasing the title song "Feelin' Like" and taking the top of the Bugs Music Chart, as well as lining up all the tracks at the top of the chart.

In addition, the 12th mini album "IN:VITE U" topped the iTunes Top Album category in 30 regions, including Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and Poland (as of January 25), and the title song "Feelin" Like" was ranked first on the iTunes Top Song chart, Brazil, Mexico, Brazil, and Mexico.

Many people are paying keen attention to what kind of special performance Pentagon, who returned with its new album IN:VITE U in 10 months, will present with its title song Feelin' Like.

Meanwhile, Pentagon's first comeback stage of its new song "Feelin' Like" can be seen on "M Countdown," which airs at 6 p.m.

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