Producer Lee Hyori X Kim Taeho reunite with "Seoul Check-in"
Producer Lee Hyori X Kim Taeho reunite with "Seoul Check-in"
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] Lee Hyo-ri, Kim Tae-ho, and TVing will join hands to showcase OTT's first pilot content. It is to attempt a surprise disclosure method with a single content.

The original TVing "Seoul Check-in" (directed by Kim Tae-ho/provided TVing), which is scheduled to be released on the 29th, is a reality content containing where Lee Hyo-ri, who will sleep, meet, and go after finishing her schedule in Seoul. In particular, he plans to show a completely different daily life from Jeju, where he lived in nature.

One & Only artist Lee Hyo-ri, who has been giving off synergy every time we meet first, "Infinite Challenge," "What do you do when you play?"The meeting of PD Kim Tae-ho, who directed ", is raising public expectations. "What do you do when you play?"' Their teamwork shown in the SSAK3 and Refund Expedition projects is leading to interest in the "Seoul Check-in."

Seoul Check-in was inspired by Lee Hyo-ri's simple appearance in Seoul with hats, slippers, and backpack for SSAK3 and refund expedition schedules, thinking, "Where should I sleep today?" "Who should I meet while I'm in Seoul?" and "Seongsu-dong is hip?"

"Seoul Check-in," which will comfort and sympathize with viewers through honest conversations with people she meets as well as her inner feelings and concerns that have become unfamiliar with Seoul, will be created as a more sincere reality with PD Kim Tae-ho's own suction power.

Above all, the fact that it can be found in TVing, which builds an unrivaled content lineup and adds competitiveness, and the history of pilot content being attempted for the first time in OTT adds to the topic. Not only the public but also inside and outside the industry are paying attention to the ripple effect that superstar Lee Hyo-ri, PD Kim Tae-ho, and Tving will create.

Meanwhile, the original TVing "Seoul Check-in," which depicts Lee Hyo-ri's real Seoul life, will be unveiled at 12 p.m. on the 29th.

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