[January 26] I.M's Birthday
[January 26] I.M's Birthday
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] January 26 is MONSTA X member I.M's birthday.

I.M is the youngest and lead rapper of MONSTA X, a six-member idol group.

The group MONSTA X I.M celebrated his birthday today (26th). Celebrations from MONBEBEs (fan club names) around the world are pouring out, and the next page to be published by I.M, who dominated Twitter's real-time trend chart, is stimulating the excitement of music fans.

I.M has continued to grow steadily since his debut and has been widely known for his presence. I.M's musical talent, which has been expanding its spectrum from rap making to mixtape and self-composed songs, has begun to attract attention from music fans around the world, and I.M proved it as an achievement.

Group MONSTA X I.M received unforgettable gifts from fans on his birthday.

Fan & Star released a photo of the IM event being advertised on the Shinokubo electronic display in Shinjuku, Tokyo, on the 26th. I.M's fans achieved the Fan & Star "electronic display advertisement" that opened on November 25 last year.

The advertisement will be screened on the Shinokubo electronic display board in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and the CM board at Hapjeong Station in Mapo-gu, Seoul from the 24th to the 30th.

With I.M's successful support, fans' cheering messages poured out on "Fan & Star." Fans sent comments such as "I.M, I love you" and "Lim Chang-kyun, happy birthday."

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