Singer Park Jae-beom's "Soju" startup invested in TA Ventures in the U.S.
Singer Park Jae-beom's "Soju" startup invested in TA Ventures in the U.S.
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] Singer and businessman Park Jae-beom's "soju" production startup, Once REITs, has succeeded in attracting overseas investment, drawing attention.

Once REITs is expected to release its premium soju brand "Element Soju" as early as the end of next month.

According to the IB (Investment Bank) industry on the 25th, TA Ventures, an affiliate of U.S. entertainment agency Transparent Arts, recently evaluated the corporate value of Once REITs at about $5 million (about 6 billion won) and invested a small stake, and decided to form strategic relationships with overseas businesses in the future.

Transperant Arts is an agency with famous American singers Far East Movement and Yultron. TA Ventures is known to expect related support and collaborative synergy if the liquor of Once REITs is exported to North and Central America in the future through equity investment in Once REITs.

Once REITs is a startup founded by singer Park Jae-beom in partnership with Kim Hyung-seop, CEO of Culture & Commerce from CJ, aiming to globalize soju, Korea's leading liquor. Park also expressed interest in soju by releasing a song called "SOJU" in an album released in the U.S. as a member of ROCK-NATION founded by famous American rapper JAY-Z.

Once REITs is planning to release "element stocks" through domestic production plants as early as next month.

The investment industry is paying attention to attracting additional investment as Once REITs was recognized for its high corporate value before launching the product.

As strong partnerships are essential in the production and distribution process of the liquor business, additional investments are expected to be made with collaboration with medium and large retailers in mind.

An official from related industries said, "As pre-marketing using the fandom of Park Jae-beom and domestic and foreign celebrities is drawing attention, there are inquiries about overseas buyers before releasing the product," adding, "One Spirit itself is considering the schedule of product launch as early as next month and overseas exports in the second half."

It is reported that the original liquor will promote premium Korean soju and release distilled soju products using 100% domestic rice.

Unlike soju, which gradually hydrates from 25 degrees to 15 degrees Celsius in the domestic market, the alcohol content is being tested at 22 degrees Celsius. In particular, "element stocks" of Once REITs are classified as local specialty stocks and can be sold online.

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