Seo-hyun pictorial is released
Seo-hyun pictorial is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] A new pictorial featuring actor Seo-hyun's transformation has been released.

Seo-hyun in the pictorial released on the 25th looks free as if she is wearing her own clothes. Having given a rebellious feeling with rough eyes and poses, he overwhelms the eyes with his charismatic appearance. In the following cuts, it adds to the curiosity about how far his endless transformation will continue by naturally digesting gender neutral looks.

In an interview with the pictorial, Seo-hyun said, "I'm most excited about the time I wait for the works to be released." It's something that only we know about. I talk about that a lot with the staff. I want to share the work with many people, saying, "I hope it will be released soon," adding, "I want to share it with the Netflix movie Moral Sense, which is set to be released on February 11, as well as the expectations of the dramas "Jink's Lovers" and the movies "Holy Night: Demon Hunters."

In particular, when asked if the changes in her thoughts have changed his view of the character, she said, "Now I feel like my thinking has expanded more. This work Moral Sense also feels very different from the general "Roco," but from a wide perspective, I thought there could be people like this and this. So I really wanted to try it," she said, making me feel Seo-hyun's growth with the opportunity to decide to appear in Moral Sense.

Actor Seo-hyun, who repeatedly renewed her rise by giving off the actor's natural aura through this pictorial. In the interview conducted, he captivates the public's hearts by taking the center stage of her life as a "human Seo-hyun" and an "actor Seo-hyun." Therefore, attention is being paid to actor Seo-hyun's 2022 performance, which shows infinite possibilities in each work.

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