[January 24] Yoo Young-jae's Birthday
[January 24] Yoo Young-jae's Birthday
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] January 24 is Yoo Young-jae's birthday.

Yoo Young-jae is a singer, actor, and former boy group B.A.P.

Yoo Young-jae, a former idol B.A.P., challenged his first positive acting with the drama "9.9 Billion Women," breaking the prejudice that he was an idol, and impressed viewers with his smooth acting.

Since then, she has become a complete actor by acting as Cho Joon-wook, a police college freshman from abroad, in the recent "Police Class," who played the role of Kim Hwan," a rich young man with eccentric and skillful charms.

While Yoo Young-jae, who was recognized for his acting skills through the drama, is drawing attention as he is set to make his first screen debut through "Singer Song," Yoo Young-jae, who has a natural voice in the play but has been loved as a serious and ambitious character.

Singer Song is a youth music drama in which "Sunhye," who recklessly came to Seoul to sing, forms a band with unknown indie singer "Hyundo" and singer-songwriter "Sijoon" and sings dreams, love and friendship. Singer Song is scheduled to be released on January 27.

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