Choi Ye-na and Yoo Sun-ho's "Girl's World 2" OST "Without You" is released at noon on the 21st
Choi Ye-na and Yoo Sun-ho's "Girl's World 2" OST "Without You" is released at noon on the 21st
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] The new OST "Without You" of the tvN original web drama "Girl's World 2 Season 2," starring Choi Ye-na and Yoo Sun-ho, is released at noon on the 21st.

Without You is an acoustic genre song that combines lyrical and warm lyrics and waltz-style arrangements. The sweet voice of singer-songwriter RUNY, which is in harmony with the atmosphere of the song, is expected to aim at the emotions of the listeners.

The song was completed by "OST Dream Team" Jayins, Naiv, and Ha Hyun-sang co-written, composed, and arranged.

RUNY, who sang "Without You" in OST Part 4 of "Girl's World Season 2," officially debuted in the music industry in 2017 by releasing the digital single "To the Moon." Since then, he has participated as a composer and singer in a number of dramas such as "Her Private Life," "My ID is Gangnam Beauty," "Life on Mars," "Radio Romance," "Watch" and "Catch the Ghost."

The OST Part 4 Without You, sung by RUNY and co-written, composed and arranged by Jane's, Naive, and Ha Hyun-sang, can be found on major domestic music sites at noon on the 21st.

Meanwhile, the web drama "Girl's World 2," based on a webtoon of the same name, which topped Naver's Monday webtoon at the beginning of the series, is a lovely picture of teenagers' first love, friendship, and dreams. Choi Ye-na, Yoo Sun-ho, Lee Won-jung, Ji-han, Han Chae-kyung, Hwang Bo-reum, and Kwon Hyun-bin appear, and new episodes are released every Wednesday through Naver TV, V LIVE, ABEMA in Japan and WeTV in Southeast Asia.


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