'Through the Darkness' Kim Nam-gil takes his first step as Korea's first profiler
'Through the Darkness' Kim Nam-gil takes his first step as Korea's first profiler
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Kim Nam-gil, "Through the Darkness," takes his first step as Korea's first profiler.

SBS Friday-Saturday drama "Through the Darkness," which first aired on the 14th, is a criminal psychological investigation drama depicting the birth of Korean-style profiling. The "Readers of Evil Mind," which created a perfect synergy between detailed stories, bold and detailed directing and performances by luxury actors based on the non-fiction repo of the same name, heralded an infinite rise with a 10.8% viewer rating in two episodes.

At the center of the first and second episodes of "Through the Darkness," there was a police officer Song Ha-young (Kim Nam-gil), who understood the hearts of people. Song Ha-young, who witnessed a drowning body as a child, felt sad instead of fear. Through this, he also realized that he was different from others. And as time went by, Song Ha-young seemed emotionless at first glance, but in fact, he became a police officer who looked deeper into the inside of others than anyone else.

Police Song Ha-young, who visits the victim's family first when an incident occurs. Police Song Ha-young rebelled against the coercive investigation method of the superior and equally examines the possibility that the suspect is a criminal and not a criminal. This aspect of him was the most necessary ability for criminal behavior analysis, that is, profiler. In the end, Song Ha-young arrested the real culprit of the serial murder case using criminal behavior analysis techniques without even realizing it.

However, the late 1990s was a time when the concept of profiling was not established. Public opinion was formed over Song Ha-young, who deduced the criminal's psychology through face-to-face with the criminal, as an "incompetent police." At this time, the first thing to do was to realize the necessity of analyzing criminal behavior, and Joo Jung-soo (Jin Seon-gyu), the chief of the inspection department, who realized Song Ha-young's potential as a profiler, came forward. He created a criminal behavior analysis team to overcome the worsening public opinion.

Thus, a criminal behavior analysis team, which the state-run capital had longed for, was born. At the end of the second episode, Song Ha-young moved from the violent team to the criminal behavior analysis team. Song Ha Young, who will become Korea's first profiler in the future. His first step as a profiler began. As a result, many viewers are paying keen attention and expectations to Song Ha-young's performance as a criminal behavior analysis team.

In this regard, the production team of "Through the Darkness" said, "In the third episode, which airs on the 21st, the performance of the crime behavior analysis team will begin in earnest. Please pay a lot of attention to the story of Song Ha-young, who walks into the mind of evil by herself, the criminal behavior analysis team that has to face violent criminals. Furthermore, please pay attention to Kim Nam-gil's luxury acting, which will make the drama's immersion soar, he said.

The third episode of "Through the Darkness," which hit the small screen on Friday and Saturday nights, will air at 10 p.m. on the 21st.


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