"Moon Knight" MCU released a trailer
"Moon Knight" MCU released a trailer
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] The Disney+ original series "Moon Knight" released teaser posters and previews.

The Disney+ original series "Moon Knight" (directed by Mohamed Diab Justin Benson, Aaron Moorehead) heralded a new and intense story that will change the game of MCU with the protagonist of the transcendent hero Moon Knight awakened by darkness. Oscar Isaac, who has been performing delicate and heavy acts such as "Dune," "Star Wars" series, and "Inside Lewin," will feature the duality of a character who is aware of the existence of another power in him and transforms.

In addition, actor Ethan Hawk, who combines with the character with amazing immersion in each work, joined "Moon Knight." The acting showdown between Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawk will catch the attention of viewers.

The released teaser poster amplifies questions about the story that will unfold as well as the intense charm of the work, which is differentiated from the existing Marvel, as the transcendental hero Moon Knight, awakened by darkness, holds a blood-stained moon-shaped weapon.

The teaser trailer released together draws attention, starting with the appearance of Steven (Oscar Isaac), who suffers from insomnia and is confused by the boundary between dreams and reality, like the line, "I can't tell if I'm awake or dreaming."

He then gets a phone call called "Mark," and an unpredictable story unfolds for a moment, stimulating curiosity. On top of that, the process of being reborn as a transcendental hero Moon Knight awakened by darkness, along with the mysterious visuals of Egypt as well as the explosive power hidden in him, amplifies viewers' expectations.

The Disney+ original series "Moon Knight" is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2022.


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