B1A4's CNU participated in the first OST of tvN's "Ghost Doctor"
B1A4's CNU participated in the first OST of tvN's "Ghost Doctor"
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] CNU, a member of the group B1A4, will sing the first OST of tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama "Ghost Doctor."

Stone Music Entertainment, which produces the OST of "Ghost Doctor" on the 19th, said, "CNU, the singer of "Fly Away," the first OST of "Ghost Doctor," which will be released at noon today, has been confirmed with a soft and appealing voice."

Fly Away is a modern rock genre song with an impressive ensemble of dreamy and cheerful electric guitar and a wide range of sounds, drawing attention by creating a bright message of hope and atmosphere by ending episodes 5 and 6 of "Ghost Doctor."

The emotional melody line harmonizes with CNU's cool vocals to maximize the atmosphere of the song, maximizing the mood of the song, "I will not let go of this hand without pain," and "If you can see the miracle of wrapping us once again, do it again."

CNU participated in the OST work alone in six years after the OST "How to Find Love" of the tvN drama "Cinderella and Four Knights," which he participated in 2016. CNU, who has been expanding his scope of activities by appearing in B1A4 full group activities and musicals, will show off his skills to his heart's content through his solo OST "Fly Away."

In addition, it is expected to be a good gift not only for viewers but also for fans by choosing Flyaway with hopeful messages as the first activity to start 2022. The "Ghost Doctor" OST Part 1 "Fly Away" sung by B1A4 CNU will be released simultaneously on major domestic music sites at noon on the 19th.

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